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About Us

The Cryptomismatist Community Portal is a news & education platform completely dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Our goal is to help others realize the importance of digital currency and make it familiar in every way possible.  We are on a mission to become the top online destination providing authentic news and market updates related to cryptocurrency while building the most trusted community forum in the global crypto ecosystem.  

Inside our community you will find:

  • The latest news and cryptocurrency information
  • Online courses from beginner to advanced certifications
  •  Moderated community member engagements
  • Groups focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain, period

OK, so what is a Cryptomismatist (krip-tho-mɪz-muh-tɪst)?

I'm glad you asked that question because one of the community's goals is to facilitate a common language within the cryptocurrency community.  That said, I'd like to answer your question with a question.  Do you invest, study, research, program, consult, or are simply interested in cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology?  If you answered yes to any of those endeavors, then congratulations, you're a Cryptomismatist!  

Cryptomismatist has its roots in the Latin language and is a derivative from the word numismatist; numisma, meaning coin.  As you may know, a numismatist is sometimes called a coin collector.  After some research, we discovered there was no name for the many individuals collecting, developing, and investing in digital currencies.  So the name Cryptomismatist, "a digital coin collector," was born.

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